Sunday, February 18, 2018

Get in Shape with Fitz Fitness

Getting in good physical shape and leading a healthy lifestyle is important to most of us. We all have different ways of keeping fit: some of us go the gym, others jog and others do whatever exercise they can at home. However, just like with everything else, it is much easier to get good results if you consult a qualified professional.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Heal Your Skin with Dermaka

Our skin is our largest organ and it is also the one that's responsible for our looks, so it is very important to take good care of it. Thankfully there are a lot of safe and effective medical procedures available that can make us look younger and cure our skin problems. They are a godsend, no doubt, but it is equally important to use the right products after these procedures to get the most out of them and speed up recovery the recovery process.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Rainbow Giraffe

In the middle of this cold and rainy season we were lucky to get a couple of hours of lovely spring sunshine this weekend. It was the perfect occasion to debut what's probably going to become my go-to casual outfit this spring: suede sneakers, a rainbow giraffe print sweater (seriously, how pretty is this print?) and a pair of cropped and distressed jeans that fit juuust right - not too loose and not too skinny. Love them!

Dermaka - The Finishing Touch to Your Aesthetic Treatments

In this day and age aesthetic treatments like botox, laser peel or restylane injections and various surgical procedures are a common way for men and women to enhance their looks, but it is good to remember that it is also super important to take great care of our skin after these procedures. Dermaka is a dermatologically approved cream that will reduce redness, inflammation and bruising. It does not contain chemicals and is made with natural plant extracts and vitamins that will help your skin recover and heal faster.
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